Accuracy and Courtney McGregor and Charlotte Sullivan

Commonwealth Games: Glasgow 2014

Women’s Artistic Gymnasts, Commonwealth Games athletes and Olympic Hopefuls
What inspired you to get into Gymnastics?
Courtney: I started off in recreation classes and then I was chosen to move into competitive classes. Watching the older kids in my gym and seeing all of their amazing skills inspired me. Charlotte: It was just by chance that I got into gymnastics because when I was five I was on a school trip and one of the teachers thought I would be quite good at so I started from there and just continued to love it.
Who is your athlete inspiration and why?
Courtney: When I was younger I really looked up to Shawn Johnson because she was such a powerful gymnast. Her style of gymnastics was incredible to watch and she always looked so happy while she was competing. My athlete inspiration today is Bailie Key (USA). Bailie is the complete package, she is an elegant and powerful gymnast. Charlotte: When I was growing up, and even now, I have always looked up to all the gymnasts who made it to a very high level of gymnastics and everyone who has managed to compete in massive competitions such as the Olympics, because I know how hard it is to get there.
Who is your personal inspiration and why?
Courtney: I remember watching Lisa Carrington win gold in London and thinking how amazing it would be if I could inspire people, like her. Charlotte: I have never had just one person that has been my inspiration as I have always looked up to anyone that had done really well in the sporting careers or just anything in their lives.
How do you intend to be the inspiration?
Courtney: I try to set a good example not only at competition but also in the gym every day, so that I can inspire the younger generation of gymnasts to always give 100% effort and have a good attitude. Charlotte: I intend to be the inspiration to all the younger kids out there by continuing to compete at a high level and to show them that it is possible for them too.
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