Accuracy and Gordon Tietjens

What is a key difference if you are comparing 7s and 15s?
In sevens rugby, all the space gives them the opportunity to really showcase themselves on a rugby field. A crucial point of accuracy in sevens is the long, wide pass. With fewer players on the field than the 15-a-side game, but still played on a full-sized field, creating space is an important strategy. So the accuracy of the long pass needs to be spot-on at the highest level of the game.
How does Accuracy come into play?
Achieving the accuracy we need - whether it's around decision-making or skill sets - is always in the training field. I believe as a coach that what you produce on the training field in delivering accuracy, you take out on the field in game time. The accuracy of a sevens player is hugely important around the skills of passing and kicking, and you have to be ready to receive the ball in the air.
What are you looking forward to about the Games?
To see these players able to demonstrate all the skill sets they have built around the accuracy and hard work that they've achieved in making that side to be part of the Olympic Games.
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