Accuracy and Portia Bing

How did you get into heptathlon?
I got into heptathlon because of my coach. I had been doing athletics for years, and already had a good base set of skills, so was able to transition well to heptathlon. To become a successful heptathlon athlete, you need to have a combination of raw talent and dedication. There are some things you need to be naturally gifted in, but there are some things you can learn. For example, I’m a naturally gifted runner, but my throws need work.
How does Accuracy play a part in Heptathlon?
Accuracy plays a big part in heptathlon, as you have to be accurate across the different disciplines. · Javelin = If you’re technique isn’t perfect on the throw, then your distance will be way down. · Running = the way you come out of a corner is key, as this affects your overall distance in a race and your overall time. · High Jump = You need to see the line before you take your first step. When running up and going for the jump, you have to stick to the line perfectly; otherwise your lift off will be askew. Accuracy of technique is key in heptathlon. And key to being successful is managing your technique and how you develop it in training across a wide range of disciplines.
How do you train?
The training is very strict and regimented, as you have to give the appropriate amount of attention to each discipline. When training you break down the specific technical elements of each event, and drill them. You’re also looking at overlaps so that you are more efficient in your training i.e. you look at aspects of your technique and see how they can cross over to a range of disciplines. You’re also always looking at what other people are doing, and whether you can/are doing what they’re doing, and hitting those international benchmarks.
How does it feel representing New Zealand?
Going and competing for my country has had a massive impact on me – mainly as it has made me appreciate what we have in New Zealand. It’s also something that many people dream of doing, so being able to achieve it is a huge accomplishment.
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