Andrea Hewitt and Endurance

Why did you get into triathlon?
I got into triathlon because I was quite sporty growing up. I was in Surf Life Saving and wanted a change after Uni - so I decided to do the Coast to Coast. It was during this experience that I met my coach and it went from there. I love racing, travelling and the people I get to meet.
What is the key to building up endurance?
It’s the hours I spend on the bike, in the water, or running. Each race is longer than two hours and I will spend longer than that training each day. Each day I focus on each of the three disciplines. I train everyday and enjoy it. Preparation is key.
Tell us about your training?
I am quite precise with my training. It’s important not to race your training, to not push yourself to hard or try to get gains to quickly. Rather it’s important to remain consistent. You have to be smart about your training. You have to know when to push yourself and when you need to back off. You have to know your limits and know yourself. It’s important to take your time. There are no shortcuts. There are two sorts of training approaches or athletes. There are those that start early morning and finish early. Then there are those that start later and spread their training. I prefer the latter – to be well rested.
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