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Men’s Hockey – Strength with Nic Woods

What are some key tips to be a good team?
- If you’re not playing as a unified team you won’t get anywhere. - Talented individuals are great but that’s not enough to compete at an Olympic level. - The team needs to work towards a common goal - every few months we get together, just the players, and re-focus/goal set, to make sure we’re all on the same page. - Knowing that the team has your back gives you personal strength – you feel like a stronger individual player when you know that the team is supporting you - If you form a strong bond outside of the sport then you are more comfortable with each other and can support each other with constructive criticism without anyone getting offended because you know that it’s to help each other.
Any team tactics?
- Rather than getting down about mistakes or stuff-ups, the team tries to create a positive environment where the focus is on improvement. - All teams scout each other out and find each others weakest players - so we really are as strong as the weakest link. - It’s important to find stength in composure – you don’t think about the past or the present, you just play in the moment, as a team.
What unites your team?
- The whole team is passionate and excited about the sport, and that fire pushes us to achieve at the highest level. We want to be the best, and that goal unites us.
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