Be the Inspiration: NZ Women’s K4

Why is strength important in the K4?
The K4 is a big boat so you need a lot of power and strength to make it go fast. The crew do a lot of work in the gym to build up that power. We are always trying to be streamlined and our combined strengths together make the boat go faster. Rather than all of the crew working to have exactly the same strengths, each of us have different strengths, that combined, produce the ultimate result.
Tell us about the boat positions?
We operate almost like an engine with each of us making up different parts of the machinery that gives us speed.  Front: The front is important for starting and this person is explosive in order to get the boat moving. They also set the pace and rhythm for the rest of the team.  Middle Two: This is the powerhouse of the boat. These two athletes need to have a lot of strength and have good endurance. It is these athletes that keep the boat going to the finish line. They do a lot of heavy weights work.  Back: Similar to the front the back person is crucial for starting. They need to be a good sprinter.
Tell us about your team culture?
We have a really good team relationship and culture - It’s something we’ve really worked on and developed, as we all come as individual paddlers. We have a really strong bond and are among the most important people in each others lives. What keeps us strong and allows us to overcome problems is that we have the same goal – this unites us. Coming together around this goal is the most important thing.
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