Strength and David Nyika


Heavyweight Boxer, Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist and Olympic Hopeful.

Commonwealth Games: Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Medals: 1 (Gold)

DOB: August 7th 1995

Most inspiring Quote:
“Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your
life a champion” –
Muhammad Ali
What inspired you to get into Boxing?
I had a passion for rough and tumble and but wasn't the violent type, so boxing seemed to be the perfect solution for me.
Who is your athlete inspiration and why?
Sugar Ray Robinson is my all-time favourite as he had all the tools and skills a boxer requires and on top of that, he chased his passions outside of boxing such as music. He also redefined public perception of your 'average boxer', he was a class act inside and outside the ring.
Who is your personal inspiration and why?
My coach has taught me so much over the past 5 years, and with his guidance I've become a better person as well as a better athlete.
How do you intend to be the inspiration?
I intend to impose my own aspirations upon my followers. Boxing is my vehicle and my purpose is to make a better world in any way I can.
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