Eric Murray and Hamish Bond

Rowing – Coxless Pair Olympic Champions
Olympic Games: Athens 2004 (Eric only) Beijing 2008, London 2014
Olympic Medals: 1 (Gold 2012)
Eric Murray and Hamish Bond have formed one of the greatest combinations in rowing history. In fact, their five-year unbeaten streak from 2009-13, encompassing four world titles and an Olympic gold medal, bears comparison with the legends of any sport.
May 6th 1982
February 13th 1986
What inspired you to get into Rowing?
I started rowing to keep fit for the rugby season at School. Rowing was a great summer sport and it soon became something that I was better at than rugby, so I just stuck with it and focused on that. It became almost an obsession when I started to soon realise that work in, equalled results out.
Who is your athlete inspiration and why?
It’s hard to single out a specific person as to an inspiration. While I was young and competing in rowing, it was Rob Waddell and other international figures in the sport. Nowadays, I get inspired all the time by many international sports people who compete. It’s amazing to watch different sports and events and have an understanding of what level of training and commitment it has taken to get them to be the best in their sport.
Who is your personal inspiration and why?
I would have to say that my wife inspires me to be a better person. She has been there through the good times and the bad and has helped support me. She is a wonderful mother who looks after our son Zac, while I chase my dreams. She teaches me about life balances and making sure that every moment with my son counts. It’s a tough time having him grow up while I spend so much time away and it’s a precious time when your children grow up and she teaches me to not miss it.
How do you intend to be the inspiration?
As I’ve been more successful in Rowing, people have looked to me for inspiration. I’ve always tried to say to people that anyone is capable of achieving a level of greatness and it’s about seeing what ‘you’ are capable of achieving. I was never the most talented and it took me a long time to win races, but once I did, I kept working on it to be better than I was before. I’ve had ups and downs throughout my career, but I’ve always had the drive to see how far I can push myself and the moment that I lose that desire to be the best and loose the heart and love for the sport, is when I know it’ll be time to call it quits.
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