Jonelle Price and Accuracy

What inspired you to get into Equestrian?
Something within I guess..... as a very young child I had a bizarre obsession with horses. It wasn’t a predictable choice because there was no history or connection with horses. Just a real burning desire.
Who is your athlete inspiration and why?
First one to come to mind is (tennis player) Rafael Nadal – he is such a tough, determined, dogged fighter. I relate to a lot of his qualities – he may not be the most technically correct or naturally talented, but he has got to where he has through sheer fight, determination and dedication.
Who is your personal inspiration and why?
Toddy (Sir mark Todd) was probably the one there – he has had the biggest influence on me in my career so far and he is a great mate now. To have stayed at the top of his game for as long as he has is a remarkable feat. He has evolved with time. The sport has changed so much through his career – that is the mark of such a good horseman because he has evolved, continues to be at the top of his game and, above all, is a bloody nice guy. What he has given to generations below is enormous – me being one of them.
How do you intend to be the inspiration?
Lead by example I guess. I want to do my talking with my results and do it admirably. I never look at being a role model until confronted with a question like this. As a child I would go through the magazines, stay up all night watching TV. Vicki Latta (eventer) was probably the only New Zealand female athlete at the time. New Zealand is so rich in depth of little girls who have a dream of becoming a horse rider. We’re not in abundance – specially females at the top of this game. I guess I have a duty to be that person.
What makes New Zealand athletes on a whole so inspirational?
I think that for such a small country, the ratio of champions we produce clearly speaks volumes. We are a great sporting nation – the lifestyle and traits we breed into generations to come make us great sportspeople.
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