Men’s Sprint Team and Speed

How and why do you work so well as a team?
Eddie Dawkins: Each of us is a fast rider, but as a fast team we are unbeatable. Ethan Mitchell: Every day we are competing and training against each other, which brings the best out of each other. Eddie Dawkins: You get to know each other; you get to know how each other rides. You have to have that full trust in each other, or you can’t be a fast team.
How is speed so crucial to track cycling?
Ethan Mitchell: In a three-lap race against the clock, it’s an event where races are won and lost in a split second. So it’s simple, for us to win we need to be the fastest team out there Sam: Webster: It’s an event where a thousandth of a second means everything, so you need to really tap into everything your body can give. Eddie Dawkins: I just love going as fast as I can possibly go and knowing that there’s not really a ceiling to it.
How does it feel representing your country?
Ethan Mitchell: Putting on that Silver Fern means its business time, it’s just an exciting feeling, Everything has been about Olympic gold, and for us, we’re going to Rio to win. Sam Webster: Being able to do what we do in something we feel so passionate about, to be able to see people being bitten by that bug, that’s what gives us more drive. To see the sport growing is absolutely amazing.
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