Strength and Julia Ratcliffe

Tell us about the hammer throw and Strength?
There is a misconception that hammer throw is all about muscle strength. Rather it’s about mastering force through technique. You need velocity when letting go. You create velocity through good body position. There is a lot of physics involved.
Why is technique crucial?
You need a huge amount of precision. It’s a very unnatural motion that you’ve got to try and master. A good throw will feel easy/effortless. But to achieve this you have to spend hours rewiring your body and mind. Often you have to really push yourself. It’s also a lot of trial and error, and figuring out what works best for your body. Everyone has different technique. For example, because I am shorter than other throwers, I have to get my body lower to the ground.
And what about mental strength?
In terms of mental strength – I do a lot of things to keep my head in the right place. I see a sports psychologist who reinforces things like self-acceptance. “Don’t limit yourself.” “Don’t be afraid of failure – rather live on the edge of your potential.“ Everyone’s afraid. But why would you settle for anything less? Why would you not say you could get gold, even if it was very unlikely?
How did you get into hammer throw?
My dad got me into hammer throw and when I started doing it on my own I realised I really enjoyed it.
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