Accuracy and Tayla Ford

How did you get into wrestling?
My father introduced me to the sport – initially I was dragged along but by about 13/14 I started to really enjoy the sport and began to excel. I love representing New Zealand and achieving for my country.
Why do you need accuracy with wrestling?
If you don’t have accuracy with your technique, you can’t execute, and you don’t get points. You need to execute your moves with perfection. Your body has to be in the right position, your foot in the right place and your shoulder has to be low enough. To achieve the right level of accuracy it comes from experience and practise. You have to train and compete over and over again.
How do you prepare?
I’ve only been fighting for 15 years, so am always open to learning more. Ultimately I just go in with the mind-set of ‘I’ve got nothing to loose.’ In training it’s all about repetition. When I’m practising a move I will executive it 5x each side until I have it down. After a fight I’ll often go over things 8/9 times, this usually happens a few days after the fight. I study every move I make to get a good mental picture of what I have to work on. I don’t go out there to wrestle – I go out to win
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