Anthony Mosse claims 200m Butterfly Bronze, 1988 Seoul 

Mosse considered he had a chance of picking up a gold medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, a view reinforced by his victory in the 100m butterfly and second placing in the 200m event at the 1987 world university games in Yugoslavia. However, 1988 was a terrible year. His father died months before the Olympics, and then he had a falling out with his coach. Mosse earned great credit for the way he kept his focus and his composure. He linked with the New Zealand squad and was assisted particularly by Hilton Brown, Paul Kingsman’s coach. In the final, Mosse was outgunned by Gross, but did well to win a bronze medal, swimming 1min 58.24s. “It wasn’t my fastest time, and it wasn’t a gold medal. But I went over there, dealt with everything that had happened and came away with a medal, so I was proud of that”.

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