Barry Magee wins bronze in Rome 1960

Barry Magee is remembered for taking the bronze medal in the 1960 Rome Olympic marathon, a race made famous because Ethiopian Abebe Bikila won it and opened up international athletics to the African continent.

But there was a lot more to Magee’s athletics CV than just that one race. In 1960 he won the Fukuoka marathon in Japan, at the time one of the two major marathons contested annually (the other was Boston).

He also took part in an amazing race when on July 17, 1961, he, Gary Philpott, Peter Snell and Murray Halberg broke the 4 x one mile world record, though at the time none of them were milers. The race took place in Dublin and the New Zealanders ran primarily to give the England team some opposition in their attempt at the world record.

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