John Davies claims 1500m Track Bronze, Tokyo 1964

Wearing 467 (a lucky omen, because that was the number that Jack Lovelock wore during his 1500m gold medal run in Berlin in 1936), John Davies cruised through the first round and then got involved in a slow, tactical semi-final. Davies had to run very wide around the last bend of his semi and was unable to burst through up the straight. With four to qualify, Dyrol Burleson and Alan Simpson locked up two positions and Davies was one of four men who lunged at the tape trying to grab one of the other two qualifying spots. The photo finish showed Davies’ feet behind the others, but the upper part of his body was ahead. In the final, Davies and Simpson looked to be disputing the silver medal until the Czech, Josef Odlozil, darted down the outside. Odlozil and Davies were timed at 3min 39.6s, with Simpson 0.1s behind. It was the first time two New Zealanders had won medals in the same Olympic event.

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