Lorraine Moller wins Marathon Bronze, Barcelona 1992 

At the 1988 Seoul Olympics she had struggled home in 33rd position, in a time of 2h 37min 52s and there was widespread criticism when she was included in the 1992 team. After all, she was 37 and her best results had been several years earlier. However, Moller ran the race of her life. Undaunted by the ferocious Barcelona heat and humidity, by the steep 4km climb towards the athletics stadium, or by such big-name opposition as Wanda Panfil (Poland), Katrin Dorre (Germany) and Lisa Martin (Australia), Moller ran boldly and bravely. Entering the stadium to a crescendo of cheering, Moller floated to the finish line. Her time of 2h 33min 59s was 78 seconds behind the winner. Moller followed only Yvette Williams and Marise Chamberlain as New Zealand female track and field athletes to have won Olympic medals. Only Valerie Adams has since joined the elite group. The medal means everything to me,” she said. Moller finished her Olympic career in Atlanta in 1996, aged 41, when she ran 2h 42min 21s for 46th place.

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